The Author

Anna Maltese Lawton has a PhD in Russian literature from the University of California/Los Angeles (UCLA) and teaches visual culture and film studies at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. She wrote books and edited volumes on these topics, as well as numerous articles and essays. Her most recent book, Imaging Russia 2000: Film and Facts, received the CHOICE award as the Outstanding Academic Title 2005. The book combines film criticism, journalism and fiction in an hybrid genre, and conveys a lively picture of contemporary Russian reality. A reality that the author knows first-hand, having lived in Moscow for five years.  Album di famiglia is her first novel.

Born in Italy, she spent her childhood and adolescence between Turin and the Monferrato hills. The Cortanze Castle belonged to her family for more than half a century, and has now inspired the present novel. Recently, she embarked in a new venture and founded the publishing house New Academia Publishing.

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