The subtitle, “Visual Novel,” refers to the narrative device that makes use of photos (like the ones normally found in family albums) and of other media such as cinema, painting and theater… But, most of all, it refers to the narrative style, which is based on dialogues, action, and details of the mise en scene - just like in a movie script.
The novel, therefore, lent itself to a video adaptation. Director Max Chicco shot the video directly from the stage and supervised the whole production.

Gradually, the fictional world of Album di famiglia expanded like sound waves, or a mirror suite, from the book to the stage to the dvd. Each of these transformations renders the atmosphere of the original text, and conveys its emotional impact in a different form.

In addition to the show, the dvd contains a documentary that affords the viewer a peek behind the scenes and shows the complexity of the whole operation, the spirit of camaraderie that made it possible, and the enthusiasm of the actors and crew that transformed two days of hard work into a celebration of art and artistic creation.

directed and edited by: Max Chicco
photography by: Alessandro Mattiolo, Junior Lucano
cameramen: Mathieu Gasquet, Maxi Dojie, Alessandro Baratto, Graziano Molteni
gaffer: Marco Montano
audio and light service: Sagem
still photographs:Alessandro Mattiolo, Chiara Esposito, Mathieu Gasquet
assistent on set: Luca Preda 
second editor: Mathieu Gasquet
a New Academia Publishing production
in collaboration with: Meibi Produzioni Audiovisive
authoring dvd: Novarolfilm

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